Building Blocks Program

nurtureThe Building Blocks Program is an in-home support program for families with children 0-6 years. Building Blocks supports parents in their role as their child’s first and most important teacher.  A trained “Literacy Builder” shares ideas about language development, learning, and reading with parents in their own home, once a week for 15 weeks.  Builders provide parents with a variety of tools, strategies and ideas that tap into everyday activities to promote literacy development and create a literacy rich environment in their home.

This program is designed for families:

  • Who are concerned about their child’s learning development;
  • Where transportation is not available to get to a program;
  • Where childcare is a concern;
  • Who want to learn more about other services available to them in their community;
  • Who want more strategies to help cope with and manage their child’s behaviors and routines;
  • Who are dealing with added stressors in their life.