Rhythm and Rhyme





Each group of parents with their children (between the ages of birth to 3 years) meet with the facilitators once per week for one and one half hours for eight weeks.

The atmosphere is relaxed. There is time for socializing before and after teaching.

The teaching is directed at the parents with the children joining in, playing or napping.  Childcare is provided for children who wander out of the circle.

Sitting in a circle on the floor, parents learn rhymes and songs that lead naturally to holding, touching and bouncing the children.

Facilitators encourage the parents to:

  • use language with their children from infancy
  • look directly at their children, making eye contact
  • accurately observe what their children do
  • notice what other children are doing

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                Morinville                                            Legal                             









             Bon Accord                                       Redwater